The Tower Project

The Tower Project

Tugby’s St Thomas Beckett parish church has been awarded up to £10,700 by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to develop a project to save the church’s ancient tower.

A further £170,600 has been earmarked by HLF for the project, to be released at a later date after a second application.

Renovation and conservation work will take place over the next two years and we’re now busy with additional fund raising to meet the full cost of all the work that’s planned.

The tower was under serious threat from long term deterioration. Continued repair is not a long term option if the tower is to be saved. There’s an urgency because of the very poor condition of the Tower roof which is past the end of its useful life.

Continued repair is possible but it’s not a long term option if the tower is to be saved. If nothing is done access to rather unsafe conditions will continue to deteriorate and it’s likely the roof would eventually collapse. The roof timbers have suffered from persistent water damage over the years and are extensively decayed at several key load-bearing points.

However the roof is an ancient, heavily timbered structure which we want to retain through careful conservation if at all possible. The restoration and conservation work will include some building work within the tower space to provide a mains water supply, sewage facilities and a toilet.

It also includes an archaeological survey of the ground immediately outside the tower and an exploration of the tower floor will provide a clearer picture of what might be found outside.